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  • Q1. Why do people use Web Safety

    Parents working-from-home, and children learning virtually at home, has become the reality for families all over the world. The development of virtual workplace and e-learning technologies means that now more than ever, families are sharing devices. However, some parents don’t want their children to see the content of their searches, especially if the search topics are not appropriate for children. There is a great need for parents to segregate the search and Internet browsing activities between their children and themselves, while they share the same device and same browser.

  • Q2. What are the kids search engines that the children’s profile support?

    In the children’s profile, we support Kiddle, KidRex, Kid’s Search, and Safe Search Kids. They help filter out inappropriate content and present your children with an easy-to-use and children-appropriate environment.

  • Q3. Why has my default search engine changed?

    In order to provide the functionality of the extension, we need to change your default search engine to our search domain, powered by Yahoo. In the parents’ profile, we also support Google and Bing. So if you want to make a change, you can go to the Settings section of the parents’ profile and make the change.

  • Q4. Is your extension free?

    Yes, this is a free extension from the Chrome Web Store. The default search engine we offer to our users is one of the top search engines in the world. We get the payment as an affiliate partner when our users use this search engine.